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Hi, I'm Jillian Aversa - a professional soundtrack and session vocalist, heard on Hollywood film and blockbuster video game franchises Halo, Destiny, Civilization, God of War, Soulcalibur, Killer Instinct, Katamari Damacy, PUBG, Crimson Dragon, Honor of Kings, Assassin's Creed/Brawlhalla, the Gran Turismo film, and more.

Styles I specialize in include Cinematic, Ethereal, Slavic, Celtic, EDM, Classical/Opera, World, Contemporary, and Pop. I am well versed in many languages, classically trained at Peabody Conservatory, and I enjoy vocal and lyric writing as well. I also specialize in lush, layered "choir" vocals which can make your track sound truly epic and cinematic.

I have a professional, sound isolated and acoustically treated home recording studio. Rest assured that you will be provided with pristine vocals; I have been in the recording industry for 16 years! See full biography and credits here.



My average delivery time is within 1-3 business days, depending on the project scope. Please let me know what your timeline looks like at the time of booking, and I will do my very best to accommodate. 


A below Middle C (A3)
High D (D6)


Pricing varies based on the length and complexity of your project, i.e. whether you need lead vocals only, background harmonies, a layered choir sound, ad lib phrases, original lyrics etc. I am more than happy to discuss your needs and budget!


English, French, German, Japanese, Italian, some Gaelic, Russian and Polish. I have an excellent ear for foreign diction, and can learn just about anything for the purposes of singing.


  • GIK Acoustics IsoBooth and acoustic panels

  •  Mic options:
         - Neumann U87ai
         - AKC C414 XLS
        - Octava MK-319

  • Logic Pro



Default file specs (can be modified per your request):

• Dry (no FX)
• Wav
• 24 bit
• 48 kHz
• All vocal takes already edited and combined into one file (or multiple files for additional layers)

tom salta headshot_edited.jpg

Tom Salta
Halo series, Deathloop, Honor of Kings,
Killer Instinct Season 3

"I can’t say enough about Jillian. She has
a rare gift and skill and has been my go-to soprano for over a decade. I know very few vocalists that have the mastery she does
in combination with compositional artistry and textural beauty. Her voice has transformed many of my compositions
into timeless gems."

will roget ii headshot.jpeg

Wilbert Roget, II
Destiny 2, Call of Duty WWII,
Mortal Kombat 11

"I've hired Jillian for several of my scores and independent albums, including Destiny 2: Forsaken. She's a phenomenal vocalist with expertise in many different genres of both classical and pop, and sings fluently in several languages. She can record herself at top studio quality as well, which has been an invaluable asset for many productions. I
highly recommend Jillian's vocal and songwriting talents!"

chris tin headshot.jpeg

Christopher Tin
Grammy Winning Composer, 
Calling All Dawns / Civilization IV, Old World

”Jillian does amazing work, and on a moment's notice as well. Her tone, diction and pitch are outstanding, and she really puts a lot of effort into researching the proper pronunciation of some very tricky foreign texts. Highly recommended.”

geoff knorr headshot.jpeg

Geoff Knorr
Civilization series, Galactic Civilizations series, Ashes of the Singularity

"Jillian is a joy to work with. Her combination of being classically trained, while also composing and producing her own albums of new age/world music and having extensive soundtrack recording experience, gives her a real edge. I highly recommend her!"

mike reagan headshot.jpeg

Mike Reagan
God of War series, Angry Birds series, Spiderman: Friend or Foe

"Jillian Aversa is a top notch, inventive vocalist who did a superb job for me on
God of War: Ghost of Sparta
soundtrack. Even with miles between us, she is able to record vocals remotely and takes direction well. Thanks, Jillian, for making the tracks shine!"

alex brandon headshot_edited.jpg

Alexander Brandon
Deus Ex series, Battlestar Galactica, Bejeweled 3

"Jillian’s performance skill is nothing short of jaw dropping. She has the ability to go from operatic to Lisa Gerard in the snap of a finger and flawlessly execute both. I consider her a go to singer for my projects."


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