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Jillian Aversa is an award-winning vocalist, composer, performer, and YouTube artist whose shimmering voice has appeared in a medley of projects – from video games, film, and hit dance singles to her original solo albums.  Her ethereal vocals can be heard in blockbuster video game franchises HALO (Microsoft), DESTINY (Bungie), GOD OF WAR (Sony), CIVILIZATION (Firaxis), KILLER INSTINCT (Microsoft), CRIMSON DRAGON (Microsoft), KATAMARI DAMACY (Namco Bandai), and SOULCALIBUR V (Namco Bandai) for which she co-composed the ending theme.  Her many music videos on YouTube have received millions of views.

Graduating from Peabody Conservatory of Music with an extensive background in theater and vocal performance, Jillian commands the stage as well as the studio.  In 2013 she began touring as a vocal soloist with VIDEO GAMES LIVE
, an immersive orchestral concert series.  Performing in 14 countries across 5 continents, she has become an international sensation in her own right.

Jillian’s original New Age/World music has garnered no less attention, with her albums Atlantis Awakening, Origins, and Through Sand and Snow landing international radio airplay and awards such as the $5,000 OurStage Music Grand Prize and JPF Best New Age Album.  She enjoys collaborating with artists from around the globe, including her husband Andrew “zircon” Aversa, with whom she has co-written numerous popular dance singles and video game arrangements.  With her silken voice and passionate vision, she is steadily becoming a critical and popular favorite – and redefining what we think of New Age music along the way.



  • Atlantis Awakening | Jillian Aversa | Vocals, Lyrics, Music

  • Video Games Live : Level 4 | Video Games Live | Vocals, Arranger

  • Video Games Live: Level 3 | Video Games Live | Vocals

  • Calling All Dawns | Christopher Tin | Vocals

  • Touhou Zerokyo Kitan ~ Sophisticated Insanity | Hiroki Kikuta | Vocals, Lyrics

  • Just Fun | Alexander Brandon | Vocals, Music

  • Identity Sequence | zircon | Vocals, Music, Lyrics

  • The Answer – Armored Core Tribute Album | Mattias Häggström Gerdt | Vocals

  • The Lullaby Album | Jennifer Thomas, Carolyn Southworth | Vocals

  • Awakening | Marc Enfroy | Vocals

  • Songs for Those Who Yearn | Pollicer | Vocals

  • Synergy | Various Artists | Vocals, Lyrics, Music

  • Through Sand and Snow | Jillian Aversa | Vocals, Lyrics, Music

  • Origins | Jillian Aversa | Vocals, Lyrics, Music, Production

  • Antigravity | zircon | Vocals, Lyrics, Music

Video Game Soundtracks

  • HALO: Combat Evolved Anniversary | 343 Industries | Xbox One, Xbox 360

  • HALO 2 Anniversary | 343 Industries | Xbox One

  • HALO: Spartan Assault | 343 Industries | Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, Windows Phone

  • HALO: Spartan Strike | 343 Industries | Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows, Windows Phone

  • DESTINY 2: Forsaken | Bungie | Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows

  • GOD OF WAR: Ghost of Sparta | Ready at Dawn / SCE | PlayStation 3, PSP

  • SOULCALIBUR V | Project Soul / Bandai Namco | Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

  • CIVILIZATION V: Gods & Kings | Firaxis Games | PC

  • CIVILIZATION IV: Beyond the Sword | Firaxis Games | PC

  • KATAMARI DAMACY: Tap My Katamari | Bandai Namco | iOS, Android

  • KILLER INSTINCT (2013) | Double Helix Games | Xbox One

  • CRIMSON DRAGON | Grounding Inc. | Xbox One

  • SHADOWGATE (2014) | Zojoi | Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

  • WHERE THE WATER TASTES LIKE WINE | Dim Bulb Games | Windows, Mac, Linux

  • GALACTIC REIGN | Slant Six Games | Windows, Windows Phone

  • PUMP IT UP PRO 2 | Andamiro | Arcade

  • EON ALTAR | Flying Helmet | Windows, Mac

Awards & Nominations

  • Best Game Music Cover/Remix (Winner) | Jillian Aversa - The Witcher 3 "Sword of Destiny" | Game Audio Network Guild 2017

  • Best Handheld Audio | HALO: Spartan Strike | Game Audio Network Guild 2016

  • Best Game Music Cover/Remix (Nominated) | Jillian Aversa - Destiny "Hope for the Future" | Game Audio Network Guild 2015

  • Music of the Year (Nominated) | HALO 2 Anniversary | Game Audio Network Guild 2015

  • Best Vocal Song (Nominated) | HALO: Spartan Assault - "Legacy" | Game Audio Network Guild 2013

  • Best Soundtrack Album | HALO: Spartan Assault | Game Audio Network Guild 2013

  • Outstanding Achievement - Vocal Theme | SOULCALIBUR V - "The Breeze at Dawn" | Square Enix Music Online 2012

  • Best Soundtrack Album (Nominated) | HALO CE: Anniversary | Game Audio Network Guild 2012

  • Assassin's Creed Contest - 1st Place | Solo Submission | UJam 2011

  • Best Handheld Audio (Nominated) | GOD OF WAR: Ghost of Sparta | Game Audio Network Guild 2011

  • Best New Age Album (2nd Place) | Origins | Just Plain Folks 2009

  • Music Finals $5,000 Grand Prize | Origins - "Hajime" | OurStage 2008

  • Best New Artist (Nominated) | Jillian Aversa | New Age Reporter 2008

  • #1 New Age Album | Origins | NewAgeMusic.nu 2008

  • Best World Music Song (3rd Place) | Origins - "Hajime" | Indie International Songwriting Contest 2008

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Latest Solo Album - Atlantis Awakening

Awakening to visions of a civilization long buried beneath the sea, a woman begins to wonder if they are mere dreams or memories from a past life.  Aletheia: in search of truth, her timeless journey begins... 

(Music by Jillian & Andrew Aversa, Lyrics by Jillian Aversa)

Discography Continued

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"Jillian Aversa's music video tribute to Hyrule is outstanding."





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